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In Portuguese, the verb “Amazoniar” (“Amazonize” or “to Amazon”) symbolizes the act of getting involved, learning, and actively participating in promoting and protecting culture, biodiversity, and environmental issues in the Amazon region. Launched in 2019, Amazoniar is an initiative by the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) to promote a global dialogue about the biome.

We aim to be a channel of knowledge and a stage for the global community interested in delving into different characteristics of the region. Through a cultural, informative, and artistic approach, we aim to inform, provoke, inspire, and raise awareness. This concept guides us on several fronts of activities and practices, such as:

  1. Integration and Dialogue: we promote inclusive interaction and open dialogue between different communities and disciplines, aiming to increase understanding and strengthen cooperation around Amazon-related themes;
  2. Environmental Awareness: we work to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon for the global climate and socio-environmental issues, highlighting issues such as deforestation, biodiversity, climate change, and human rights;;
  3. Culture and Preservation: we are engaged in the preservation, appreciation, and recognition of Amazonian cultures, respecting traditions, values, and rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas (members of Afro-Brazilian communities originally formed by escaped slaves and their descendants), riverside communities, extractivist, family farmers, among many others;;
  4. Immersion and Study: we promote immersive information and studies of the Amazon rainforest, highlighting its complexity and unique knowledge.

Amazoniar is a movement towards a future where the Amazon is understood, respected, and preserved. We invite you to join us on this journey of knowledge, dialogue, and action for this rich biome and the people who live in it. Together, we can be actors of great change.

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The team

Amazoniar has an extensive network of collaborators and partners that enable us to reach new heights.

Although our journey is enriched by many hands and minds, we have a recurring team that forms the core of our project, the backbone of our day-to-day lives. Each brings their unique expertise, with passion and commitment that drives us forward.

Lucas Ramos

Manager and creator of Amazoniar

Raised in the Amazon and adopted by the Cerrado, a master in Creative Industries Management in art, culture, and education fields. Globally advocate for sustainability through inclusive communication and quality information. A historian turned photographer, he is fascinated by traditional knowledge and methods as well as new technologies and seeks to encompass both in his work.

Olivia Zerbini

Amazoniar researcher

A Public Administrator by training, she has been a research analyst at IPAM since 2020. In Amazoniar, her favorite project, she acts as technical-scientific support, building partnerships and forming narratives that translate science into an accessible language. In addition to the dream of breaking bubbles and engaging different audiences in the fight against climate change and socio-environmental inequalities, she works with sociobioeconomy and international trade combined with Brazilian biomes preservation.

Sara Leal


She is the current communication coordinator at IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute). Born in the Cerrado and passionate about the Amazon, she believes that dialogue, based on science and information, will be key to building a future where beings can share a habitable world.

Lays Ushirobira

Amazoniar communicator

Latin American feminist journalist, works in communication for development, movement building, and advocacy campaigns for climate and economic justice. Passionate about listening and telling stories that inspire systemic change, she has worked with NGOs and CSOs in education, tax justice, and socio-environmental rights.

Maria Garcia

Social network analyst

Content producer for IPAM’s social networks, she is from Salvador, Bahia lives in Brasília, is a journalist, and has worked in several areas of communication (including writing, press office, and social media management). All of her professional commitment flows into communication and public engagement on topics related to sustainability and human rights. She also has a master’s degree in International Relations.


Paulo Moutinho

Ph.D., senior scientist and co-founder of IPAM

Ecologist who studies the impacts of deforestation on climate change and the planet’s inhabitants. He has worked in the Brazilian Amazon for more than 30 years and defends the recognition of the richness of the preserved forest, looking for ways to combat environmental despair.

Marcelo Freitas

IPAM Communication Manager

A journalist with a postgraduate degree in marketing, he worked in radio, television, newspapers, and press relations until being hired by the third sector. He believes in communication’s strategic role in providing answers and building solutions to climate and environmental issues.


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📸 Bibiana Garrido / IPAM

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