IPAM announces winners of photo contest Amazoniar

3 de November de 2021 | Amazoniar (EN), News

Nov 3, 2021 | Amazoniar (EN), News

Lays Ushirobira*

The jury of the first edition of IPAM’s photo contest Amazoniar – Elza Lima, Felipe Russo, José Sabino and Martha Fellows – selected the winners of the four categories: Earth Sciences, Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Biodiversity. They chose 17 photographs among 160 entries. Aiming to encourage the recording of realities in the Amazon region, as well as cultural and artistic production in the region, the contest was part of Amazoniar, an initiative by IPAM (Amazon Enviromental Research Institute) to promote a global dialogue on the Amazon forest and how it influences the relations between Brazil and the world.

The winners will have their photos exhibited, in digital format or through projection, during the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, in Glasgow, Scotland, and at the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), in Rio de Janeiro.

In Glasgow, people will be able to appreciate the photographs on November 4th, at a temporary exhibition IPAM will organise at Kelvingrove Park (6 Teachers’ Square, Glasgow G3 6BY – United Kingdom), from 4 pm to 8 pm (GMT). Anyone participating in COP26 can visit the exhibition until November 12th at the Brazil Climate Action Hub, a space created by several Brazilian civil society organizations (including IPAM) in the Pavilion where the Conference takes place. In Rio de Janeiro, the photographs will be next to the exhibition “Fruturos – Tempos Amazônicos”, which is scheduled to start on December 17th and will be opened for six months.

“The exhibition sees photography as a powerful gesture capable of going beyond itself and its borders”, said Lucas Ramos, coordinator of Amazoniar. “Here we find the gaze of various image producers with origins as plural as the forest’s diversity: from enchanted visitors to secular residents. Its natural resources, its populations, its efforts for conservation, and its biodiversity were registered by an intimate perspective of what the Amazon forest represents and what message they want the world to see.”

Congratulations to the winners:

André Maués
César Barros
Clíssia Monteiro
Diego Carvalho
José Rodrigues
Jota Barbosa
Leonardo Miranda
Márcio Borsoi
Patrick Cunningham
Roberto Leite Filho
Tainah Narducci
Wendell Medeiros

See the awarded photos

Category: Earth sciences

Ciências da terra: A Conquista da Serra do Cabari - Foto: André Maués

Earth sciences: A Conquista da Serra do Cabari – Photo: André Maués

Ciências da Terra: Amanhecer no Alto Rio Negro - Foto: André Maués

Earth sciences: Amanhecer no Alto Rio Negro – Photo: André Maués

Ciências da Terra: Bela Adormecida - Foto: André Maués

Earth sciences: Bela Adormecida – Photo: André Maués

Ciências da Terra: Preservação - Foto: Jota Barbosa

Earth sciences: Preservação – Photo: Jota Barbosa

Ciências da Terra: Sem título - Foto: Roberto Leite Filhos

Earth sciences: No title – Photo: Roberto Leite Filhos

Category: Biodiversity

Biodiversidade: Flora em decompor - Foto: Clíssia Monteiro

Biodiversity: Flora em decompor – Photo: Clíssia Monteiro

Biodiversidade: Mãe natureza - Foto: Jota Barbosa

Biodiversity: Mãe natureza – Photo: Jota Barbosa

Biodiversidade: Ciclo - Foto: Leonardo Miranda

Biodiversity: Ciclo – Photo: Leonardo Miranda

Biodiversidade: Sem título - Foto: Roberto Leite Filhos

Biodiversity: Untitled – Photo: Roberto Leite Filhos

Biodiversidade: Sem título - Foto: Wendell Medeiros

Biodiversity: Untitled – Photo: Wendell Medeiros

Category: Cultural heritage

Herança cultural: Sabedoria ribeirinha - Foto: César Barros

Cultural heritage: Sabedoria ribeirinha – Photo: César Barros

Herança cultural: Shamã traz a cura - Foto: Diego Carvalho

Cultural heritage: Shamã traz a cura – Photo: Diego Carvalho

Herança cultural: O vendedor – Foto: Márcio Borsoi

Cultural heritage: O vendedor – Photo: Márcio Borsoi

Herança cultural: Sem título – Foto: Wendell Medeiros

Cultural heritage: Untitled – Photo: Wendell Medeiros

Herança cultural: Sem título – Foto: Patrick Cunningham

Cultural heritage: Untitled – Photo: Patrick Cunningham

Category: Conservation

Conservação: Sem título – Foto: José Rodrigues

Conservation: Untitled – Photo: José Rodrigues

Conservação: Sem título – Foto: Tainah Narducci

Conservation: Untitled – Photo: Tainah Narducci


*Journalist and communications consultant at IPAM

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