What do the youth want for the Amazon and the 2022 Brazilian elections? 

7 de June de 2022 | News

Jun 7, 2022 | News

By Lays Ushirobira*

In a year as decisive as 2022, the youth have been mobilizing to take part in discussions and in the decision-making for the future of the Amazon and of the planet. In Brazil, between January and April of this year, 2,042,817 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 issued their voter registration cards, a historic event with an increase of 47.2% over the same period in 2018, according to the Superior Electoral Court. At the same time, studies show that mitigating the climate crisis is among the priorities of the young electorate. 

In order to understand the ambitions of those who will have to deal with the consequences of climate change for longer, Amazoniar interviewed, as part of its fourth cycle, some of the young people leading the socio-environmental agenda in the Amazon. Among the interviewees are Txai Suruí (Kanindé), Paloma Costa (Socio-environmental Institute and the United Nations’ Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change), João Henrique Cerqueira (Clima de Eleição), Ludmila Rattis (Amazon Environmental Research Institute), Paulo Galvão (Engajamundo), Paulina Chamorro (journalist), and Tiana Jacout (Mother Delegation of United Original Nations). They shared their analyses of the current scenario, their motivations to engage in the defense of the rainforest and its different peoples, and possible solutions for a sustainable future. 

 “To support our mission of bringing the Amazon beyond its borders, it was essential to be part of the discussions on the Brazilian elections in this critical year. We believe that the youth, as the future decision-makers of our country and who will experience the world that awaits us, have the strength and legitimacy to decide what future our rainforest, Brazil, and our planet will have,” said Lucas Ramos, coordinator of Amazoniar. “For young people as diverse as Amazonians themselves, we want to contribute to this information and argument multiplication force, so everyone can demand from their candidates policies that represent them.” 

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– Txai Suruí: “When are we going to integrate the process that has been deciding our lives?” 

– Paloma Costa: “We need to collectively set directions for a possible future”

– João Henrique Cerqueira: “Youths have the potential to guide our development model”

– Ludmila Rattis: “It is difficult to imagine a future without changing the attitudes and policies for the Amazon”

– Paulo Galvão: “I want to bring the Amazon people’s voice to the world”

– Paulina Chamorro: “We are all interdependent of the forest”

– Tiana Jacout: “Brazil’s elections will dictate what will happen for the human race”

 About Amazoniar 

Amazoniar is an initiative of IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) to promote a global dialogue about the Amazon and its importance for Brazil’s relations with the world. 

The first cycle of the project discussed the trade relations between Brazil and Europe. The second one focused on indigenous peoples and their role as main allies in the fight against deforestation and forest conservation, their contribution to science and culture, as well as their impact on the region’s sustainable development. The third cycle highlighted indigenous art and culture as a form of resistance.


*Journalist and Communications Consultant at IPAM

This project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Find out more at un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals.

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