Survey on REDD Communications Barriers and Needs

15 de agosto de 2011

ago 15, 2011

Evan Johnson, Tracy Johns, Danielle Knight

The Forum on Readiness for REDD is pleased to present a report on the current needs and gaps in information amongst engaged REDD+ stakeholders.

As REDD+ efforts develop at a rapid pace, there is a need to ensure that accurate, unbiased information flows to all relevant stakeholder groups, to enable effective participation, and decision-making processes on both policy and implementation. The Forum on Readiness for REDD undertook an assessment of the current flow of information within the existing REDD community, to understand how information is exchanged, the major barriers to REDD+ information-sharing, and how those barriers may be overcome. The Forum interviewed 70 engaged stakeholders in the REDD+ Readiness process, asking questions about how they receive information, what kind of information they are looking for, and what challenges they face in getting the information they need. The results of these surveys have been compiled and analyzed in the attached in this White Paper.

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