Some doubts about concessions in Brazil – Should Brazil shelve its proposed system of forest concessions?

30 de julho de 2003

jul 30, 2003

Frank D. Merry, Gregory S. Amacher, Benno Pokorny, Eirivelthon Lima, Imme Scholz, Daniel C. Nepstad, Johan C. Zweede

The government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil inherited, in its National Forest Program, a formidable proposal to increase the area designated to national forests (Flonas) in the Amazon from eight to 50 million hectares by the year 2010. This objective is an ambitious and worthy conservation goal, and one that appears to be holding approval, give or take a few million hectares, within the new government. Attached to this plan, however, is a lingering desire to allow private timber harvesting on Flonas through a system of forest concessions.

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