Promoting REDD among smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon

4 de novembro de 2010

nov 4, 2010

Paulo Moutinho, Osvaldo Stella, Erika Pinto, Lucimar Souza, Ricardo Rettmann, Galdino Xavier, Isabel Castro, Ane Alencar, Simone Mazer, Jaciane Guimaraes, Raquel Dieguez, Ana Paula Santos Souza

Document briefly describes a REDD project promoted by smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon that has been proposed by a group of 350 small producer families and submitted (and pre-approved), by the Living Foundation, Produce and Preserve (FVPP) in collaboration with IPAM, to the Amazon Fund.

Amazon Environmental Research Institute – IPAM and Living Foundation, Produce and Preserve (FVPP). Promoting REDD among Smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon. November, 2010.

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