New Amazoniar season will focus on indigenous communities

28 de May de 2021 | Amazoniar (EN), News

May 28, 2021 | Amazoniar (EN), News

Lays Ushirobira*

The IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) will start showing next Wednesday (June 2nd), 1 pm UTC-4 (EDS, East USA) / 7 pm UTC+1 (Central Europe), the second cycle of Amazoniar. The project emerged as a channel for global dialogue to discuss the Amazon, give visibility to the impacts felt by the forest, and reflect on how it affects relations between Brazil and the world.

The new season addresses indigenous communities and their perspectives on human rights, forest conservation, climate change, and sustainable development in the Amazon region. The broadcasts will be live, in Portuguese (with English translation) and will take place twice a month.

The first episode of the circuit, called “Changing climate: effects on the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon”, will bring as guests the President of the Regional Committee of IMC (Institute of Climate Change) and GCF (Regional Committee for Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and Other Traditional Populations), Francisca Arara, and the Water Program Director of the Woodwell Climate Center, Márcia Macedo, discuss how a warmer and drier Amazonian future can further threaten these communities and their territories. The moderation will be done by the Science Director of IPAM, Ane Alencar.

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Check the schedule of the next episodes and what topics will be discussed:

June 2 – Ep 07: Changing climate: effects on the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon.
June 17 – Ep 08: The role of indigenous people in the conservation of the forest.
1º de Julho – Ep 09: What can we learn from traditional sciences?
July 15 – Ep 10: Pan-Amazonian integration: countless cultures in one biome.

Watch previous episodes

The first thematic cycle of the series focused on commercial relations between Brazil and Europe. You can check all episodes on the IPAM YouTube channel.


*Journalist and communications consultant at IPAM

This project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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