Interview about the EU-Mercosur Agreement with Julio Xapuri from CNS (National Council of Extractive Populations)

23 de February de 2023

Feb 23, 2023

To give voice to the populations that will be directly – and indirectly – affected by the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Mercosur and their concerns regarding the consequences if the treaty is signed, IPAM (Amazon Envromental Research Center), in partnership with Fern and ISA (Socioenvironmental Institute), together promoted a series of consultations and interviews.

Representatives of organizations, collectives and indigenous and traditional communities from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay were heard, totaling 22 people from 20 local organizations participating in the meetings.

Read the full transcript of the interview with Julio Xapuri from CNS (National Council of Extractive Populations).

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Not just about trade

Not just about trade

This document summarises the key themes that emerged from a series of workshops and interviews about the FTA with representatives from local organisations, collectives, and Indigenous and traditional communities in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It provides valuable insight into the positions and preoccupations of community members across Mercosur.